Usui Reiki ryoho Gakkai



I've transmitted energy for you to take care your whole body  - with that energy . When You call, I need your first name and the city where you are at the moment, when I take care of you. You must lay down, do not drive a car - for example.   Session lasts 10- 15 minutes and we'll be on telephone contact all that time. If the session is longer than 10  - 15 minutes, I'll take care of you with no extra fees Then I'll tell You then how and what we are doing. If you are in Finland and the session is  over,  I call you back to ask how you feel, with no extra fees. If you are in another country, I hope you'll call me back and tell me how you feel after the session. I hope we can talk a little bit English together (but sorry, my English is not good).